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DOYUF.COM reserves the right to change the terms of these advertising programs at any time, including the addition of fees, additions or removal of platforms, or end the programme at any time. The brand will notify the changes but is not liable to make the changes as per the buyers. Using advertising and promotional services through DOYUF.COM is not an obligation on DOYUF part to display or advertise or promote the listings or shops. We do not guarantee that a displayed ad or promotion will be clicked and one cannot guarantee if a user clicks that the related listing is sold or not.

The advertising and promotion policies keep changing from time to time and even the third party channels change their policies as per time. Neither the DOYUF.COM nor the third party channels guarantee any particular programs feature results or third party channels. The brand reserves the right to change or terminate any campaign, incentive offer, or program in part or as a whole.  One could get permission from a brand to automate parts or all of an advertising service provided including combining bids across listings geographical regions, keywords, ad formats, verticals, and on and off marketing channels and platforms. The brand however allows the sellers to change the features or options and replace the parameters and options set for the particular advertising service. In this way, the brand could end; modify any advertising service that you give to transfer your bids, budgets, and campaigns to the new program, to the extent transferable for the default and the features of the new advertising service. The brand will serve notice for any such changes. The brand can remove any ad or promotion page at its discretion.

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