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      The diverse range of products from multiple sellers

      Free Registration

      Track the order

      Direct contact option to sellers

      Multiple delivery options

We at Doyuf  accept payment from credit cards and Cash on delivery Master cards, Visa cards from anywhere are accepted.

Since we are based in UAE, the currency that we use majorly is the UAE dirham, however our global sites offer currency as per the countries primary currency in use.

With the reference to our current rules and regulations, we charge VAT of 5 % and as per the countries VAT regulations in the respective country of use.

Doyuf  Delivery are free of charge for any order over above AED: 150

Customers are free to collect their products from the seller’s shop without any extra charges.

Well! It depends. Doyuf  provides delivery options for all categories except food that can be delivered using buyer pick up or seller delivery. 

We at Doyuf  expect to deliver your order within three to four working days for local delivery. However, there might be some delay if there are national holidays in between. If you have not received your order within this time gap, please get in touch with our customer support team.  For global deliveries we take about 7 to 8 working days. The same will be intimated to you while shopping for a particular product.

Why not! You can easily track your order on Doyuf . Once we have shipped your order we will let you know with a number. And using that, you can track your order with the help of the Doyuf  tool.

During the time you purchase with us, we ask for your delivery location.

As per our rules and regulations, we will process the delivery of your order three times. If you still fail to receive it, we will cancel your order.

Yes we will ship the order to the country of location. Additonal charges will apply based on the country and location of delivery.

Shiping is Free for order over and above Dirhams 150

Doyuf  has standard delivery policy as per the country of shipment and the same will be indicated while purchasing a product from

These products are classified under a group called faulty. Please do not take your product in use if you received it damaged and get in touch with our customer support team immediately.

We at Doyuf  work hard and are committed to your service. So you can cancel your order once you have made it and not happy with it.

We at Doyuf  work hard and are committed to your service. So you can’t amend your order once you have made it.

Please contact our customer support team for an instant solution to this issue. They would love to take over your query.

Once you are all done with placing your order on our platform, we provide you with a track id to keep a track of your order. However, you will receive a confirmation mail and message on your registered mobile number with us.

In case you don’t receive your order, please get in touch with our customer support team. And you need to allow them kindly a time gap of at least 7 days to look into the issue and find out the proper solution to it. 

Please contact our customer support team; they would be the best authority to guide you with the right process.

We ask you to give us a rating among one to five for the quality of our services while you deliver your product.

We are sorry if something like this has happened to you. There might be some technical or payment issues as well. However, if you have made the payment, it will be automatically refunded to your account within 24 hours. Please don’t worry!

Yes! We at Doyuf  are always committed to serving you the best. And for that, you need to register yourself.

There might be some technical issues. Please look if it works to reset the password. Otherwise, have a touch with our customer support team.

Not at all! Setting up an account on our platform is free. We look forward to serving you at our best standard.

The matter of product warranty varies from shop to shop. So you need to visit the section of shop policy to get an idea about that.

We at Doyuf  are always there to promote handmade products online. We try every possible effort to let you know the best information about products on our platform. If you still lack something, please feel free to use our chat feature to resolve your query. We as a team are always at your service.

Of course, you can do it. Relevant information is there with the product to contact directly to the online shop. However, if your query is still not resolved, you can let us know about it. We look forward to meeting your expectations.

It’s quite easy to get connected with your seller directly at Doyuf . With the product information, we also hand over the seller's contact information. So, let’s have a deal with Doyuf !  

Thousands of users are available there, on the online platform of Doyuf . And it's all because of the easy and quality user experience.

It’s free to use the Doyuf  platform with an easy-going experience for its users.

While sellers join our online platform well known as Doyuf , they become a part of our online community. To avail of the benefits from here, sellers have to undergo a screening process. We need to check what kind of products they are going to entertain on our platform and whether they agree to the guidelines of our platform or not. Doyuf  may also demand a licence of business to sellers as proof of identification.

Please be sure about it. Doyuf  prioritises security with end-to-end encryption. And we have designed it in a way to keep your data extremely safe from any 3rd party.

We welcome your query warmly. And we here wish to assure you that Doyuf  never shares your data with anyone. It is against our policy.

It’s quite easy. You need to visit our Platform and enter the relevant information there. That makes your account all set on Doyuf .

Yes! To ensure you with the secure payment process at Doyuf , we have our payment Gateway. So, you are entitled to make the payment here without hesitation.

Yes! We have our standard delivery service. But you will have to pay a certain amount to avail of it. However, you are also free to have the option to pick up your order from the physical shop as well.

After setting up your business at Doyuf , you may serve the option to post your online store or product link on social media. It makes your business have an easy reach to the audience. They can simply click the link, order the products and make the payments.

 For a particular product, multiple listings are there simply due to their demand, proximity, and availability to Doyuf . We are committed to providing our services to multiple online shop owners. The availability of products we obtain from shop owners may vary according to whether that online shop has the product in stock or not.

 If a product is listed as out of stock or unavailable, it simply means that it is not currently available to Doyuf  or not in stock through our online shops.

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